Homage to my friend John, ON4UN (SK)


I was not afraid of heights and liked to climb on towers. So I installed every antenna seen in the two pictures below.

 Of course with the help of John and a few amateurs as ground crew.


In a time frame of 22 years (1988 - 2010) John wrote five editions of his worldwide known book

"Low-Band DXing" published by the ARRL.


First Edition - 1988                             Second Edition - 1994                       Third Edition - 1999


Fourth Edition - 2005                         Fifth Edition - 2010

Edition 1 has even been translated into German and Edition 3 into Russian and Japanese.


                                  First Edition in German - 1991              Third Edition in Japanese - 2000                   Third Edition in Russian                      

I was very pleased to receive from John a signed copy of editions 3 and 4.



But what only very few radio hams know is that John also wrote and published a book about 80-meter DXing in 1977.


                                                                                 First Edition 1977                                    Second Edition 1978

Thanks for visiting. Marcel De Canck, ON5AU