Advanced Antenna Modeling Book  - A Profound Tutorial to use EZNEC and AutoEZ

In Paperback format and digital Kindle - Now the 2nd release: updated to EZNEC Pro 7

564 pages, more than 760 illustrations

Available at Amazon

Inclusive the book: more than 3250 extra accompanying EZNEC,

 and a lot of AutoEZ model files, plus a bunch more bonuses

Download the Chapters Contents, a list of the Accompanied Model files or the Forewords from AC6LA and ON4UN

Advanced Modeling Using EZNEC and AutoEZ Modeling Software

 View the book concept with the article "Using AutoEZ with Antenna Modeling" and its accompanied AutoEZ model files

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      Table of Contents

      About the Author



      Chapter 1: Introduction

      Chapter 2: Start Modeling with EZNEC

      Chapter 3: Wires

      Chapter 4: Sources

      Chapter 5: Loads

      Chapter 6: Transmission Lines

      Chapter 7: Physical Transmission Lines

      Chapter 8: Transformers and Networks

      Chapter 9: Adding Ground Model

      Chapter 10: View Antenna

      Chapter 11: SWR

      Chapter 12: Far Fields Patterns

      Chapter 13: Modeling Conventions and Guidelines

      Chapter 14: Convergence and Average gain

      Chapter 15: AutoEZ Calculations and Variable use

      Chapter 16: Create Wires

      Chapter 17: Modeling by Equations

      Chapter 18: Special Cases

      Chapter 19: AutoEZ Optimizer

      Chapter 20: Tables and Graphs

      Appendix A: Conversions and Tables

      Appendix B: Miscellaneous

      Appendix C: Accompanied Models and Files


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